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This lead state team has completed all planned activities and is no longer active. See the closeout report or closeout overview for a summary of lead state team accomplishments. The information below, as created by the active lead state team, remains available for review by users seeking additional information.

What is a TowPlow?

towplow in use along busy highway

The TowPlow is a steerable trailer-mounted plow that is pulled behind a tandem axle snowplow truck and is able to swing out to one side, which doubles the plow width of a tandem-axle snowplow truck. The TowPlow is equipped with a 26' moldboard and either a granular spreader or a tank for dispensing liquids for snow and ice control. The TowPlow has been used successfully in Missouri since 2005 and several others states have begun to evaluate the TowPlow.


  • Increased efficiency and production (One pass clearing, improved cycle times, wider clearing path)
  • Reduction in manpower and equipment
  • Environmental benefits from using less fuel
  • Safety improvements due to improved cycle times
  • Longer service life than snow plow trucks.

Contacts – Lead States Team

Tim Chojnacki, Chair
Maintenance Liaison Engineer
Missouri DOT

Steve Lund
State Maintenance Engineer
Minnesota DOT

Bill Hoffman
Chief Maintenance and Operations Engineer
Nevada DOT

Greg Duncan
Director of Maintenance
Tennessee DOT

Steve McCarthy
Equipment Operations Manager
Utah DOT

Wess Murray
Maintenance Superintendent
Missouri DOT

Jim Carney
State Maintenance Engineer
Missouri DOT


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