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About AII: Background

About the AASHTO Innovation Initiative

What is AII?

Formerly the AASHTO Technology Implementation Group (TIG), AII advances innovation from the grassroots up: by agencies, for agencies, peer-to-peer.


Many new and emerging technologies, offering improved performance/effectiveness, are continually becoming ready for operational implementation. Some of these technologies have been developed through rigorous research and may have been demonstrated in "real world" applications. Some may have been gleaned from international technology scanning tours. Others evolved within practice but are not shared.

Diagram - AII's Role in the Technolgoy Lifecycle.  Process from left to right: Research leads to Lead States Pursue Practical Applications leads to Technology Transfer through AII leads to Industry Practice across the states.

The AASHTO Board of Directors authorized the AASHTO Innovation Initiative (formerly the Technology Implementation Group (TIG)) and the AII reports to the Standing Committee on Highways (SCOH). The purpose of the AII is to identify and champion the implementation or deployment of a select few proven technologies, products or processes that are likely to yield significant economic or qualitative benefits to the users. The AII works with the Standing Committee on Research (SCOR) and the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) as well as others to identify new technologies.

In 2010, the AASHTO Board of Directors authorized the AII to champion the implementation of SHRP2 research program products applicable across all AASHTO standing committees.