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About AII: Authorization

About the AASHTO Innovation Initiative

What is AII?

Formerly the AASHTO Technology Implementation Group (TIG), AII advances innovation from the grassroots up: by agencies, for agencies, peer-to-peer.


Administrative Resolution AR-3-99
Establishing Senior Level AASHTO Steering Group for Technology Deployment

WHEREAS, AASHTO Board of Directors, in April 1998, approved the attached policy Resolution AR-1-98 authorizing the formation of a senior level Steering Group charged with the responsibility of facilitating the implementation of high payoff, ready to use innovative technologies in the future; and

WHEREAS, the implementation efforts associated with these technologies will primarily focus on ensuring their rapid use by the member departments, local governments, and their industry partners; and

WHEREAS, the Resolution AR-1-98 recognized the high level of success achieved by the AASHTO Task Force on SHRP Implementation which resulted from the most creative and novel approaches it took in propelling the use of SHRP products at the state level; and

WHEREAS, the Task Force was asked to recommend a model for the management and transfer of innovative technologies in the future on the basis of the lessons it learned in moving forward with the implementation of SHRP technology; and

WHEREAS, the Board directed SCOH to review the Task Force's input and provide guidance to the AASHTO Executive Director in the development of a plan for the deployment of these technologies by making use of the Task Force's model on SHRP implementation or other methods which will encourage and expedite application of new technologies; and

WHEREAS, with the concurrence of AASHTO's Executive Director, the Task Force on SHRP Implementation, at the April meeting of SCOH, informed the committee on the reevaluation of the proposal contained in AR-1-98 and asked for its approval for submission of a revised proposal which will take into account the realities of TEA-21 legislation and its effect on research programs; and

WHEREAS, SCOH endorsed the Task Force's request and asked the Task Force to present the revised proposal at the AASHTO annual meeting in October, 1999; and

WHEREAS, the Task Force has developed a revised proposal on Technology Deployment in the Future, which is attached to this resolution; and

WHEREAS, the revised document proposes the mission and the scope of work assigned to the Steering Group, the Group's composition and its organizational structure, and the sources of annual funding support for its operation; and

WHEREAS, this document also recognizes that the AASHTO Task Force on SHRP Implementation expects to complete its mission and report to SCOH at the 2000 AASHTO meeting and, therefore, requests that it be allowed to disband and, in order to fill the gap for the deployment of technologies in the future, the Task Force recommends that the new Group begin its operation at the 2000 annual meeting; and

WHEREAS, the Task Force recommends that the funding support for the program be a 50/50 match of funds between the AASHTO and FHWA with the proposal that the AASHTO's share of funding currently obtained under resolution AR-5-98 through a voluntary contribution of $6000/state/year for the operation of the Task Force on SHRP Implementation be continued beyond the authorized date of September 2000, and that these funds be earmarked for the operation of the proposed Technology Deployment Program; and

*WHEREAS, SCOH will evaluate the effectiveness of the new program in Fall 2003 with the objective of determining the need and justification for the continuation of the financial support of the program; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that SCOH approves the accompanying document, "A Proposal for Establishing Senior Level AASHTO Steering Group for Technology Deployment";

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the AASHTO Executive Director with the counsel of the Task Force will prepare for SCOH's approval a list of potential senior level State officials and other candidates who are qualified to serve the Steering Group.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the AASHTO SHRP Implementation Task Force cease its operation and that the new Steering Group begin its operation at the AASHTO 2000 annual meeting.