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This lead state team has completed all planned activities and is no longer active. The information below, as created by the active lead state team, remains available for review by users seeking additional information.


What is PaveSuite?

PaveSuite is composed of four new pavement evaluation related technologies and will be showcased by a single lead states team. These four are:

  • Enhanced Pavement Test Data Analysis Methodology - This alternative method of analyzing data from nondestructive testing adopts the use of contour plots to provide greatly enhanced information.

  • Automated Faulting Method - This technology is software used with a high speed inertial profiler to detect joints and estimate faulting in jointed concrete pavement.

  • Identifying Vibration-Sensitive Work Zones - This technology is analysis software used to estimate the possibility of structural damage and human annoyance by predicting areas sensitive to vibratory compaction rolling.

  • Automated Cross-Slope and Drainage Path Method - This technology will allow pavement engineers a much more efficient and effective means of identifying roadway areas with a high likelihood of hydroplaning. The tool may also be used to evaluate mitigation strategies.

A host of useful resources are offered below including contact information for hands-on assistance in adopting these technologies.

Contacts – Lead States Team

Bouzid Choubane, Chair
Florida Department of Transportation

Emmanuel Fernando
Senior Research Engineer
Texas Transportation Institute

Magdy Mikhail
Pavement and Materials Systems Branch Manager
Texas Department of Transportation

N. Mike Jackson
School of Engineering
University of North Florida

Brian L. Schleppi
Infrastructure Management Section
Office of Technical Services
Ohio Department of Transportation

Darryll Dockstader
Manager, Research Center
Florida Department of Transportation

Kevin McGhee
Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research

Abdenour Nazef
Florida Department of Transportation

Andrew Mergenmeier
Pavement and Materials Engineer
Federal Highway Administration

Charles Holzschuher
Florida Department of Transportation

PaveSuite Library