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Towing and Recovery Service Partnership
The AASHTO Innovation Initiative was formerly named the Technology Implementation Group.

Towing and Recovery Service Partnership (TRSP)

What is a Towing and Recovery Service Partnership?

turned-over trailer being up-righted by tow trucks

Towing and Recovery Service Partnerships (TRSPs) help public and private partners establish protocols, and often training and incentives, to ensure that the right responders, tow equipment and operators are brought in to rapidly restore traffic flow, based purely on the type of incident and the vehicles involved.

Already at work in several states, each partnership means the stalled motorist is safer, responders are safer, and the likelihood of secondary accidents is reduced, increasing safety and mobility for all. TRSPs are customizable to the needs, laws, and practices of each region or agency.

TRSPs are public/private partnerships with the tow industry which use local tow vendors who have the equipment, personnel and expertise to respond and remove vehicles in their assigned zones, safely and quickly, depending upon the nature of the incident.

See the technology nomination for additional information.

Contacts – Lead States Team

Bill Legg, Chair
State ITS Operations Engineer
Washington State Department of Transportation

Paul Clark
Incident Management Program Manager
Florida Department of Transportation

Emanuel Jackson
H.E.R.O. Unit Coordinator
Georgia Department of Transportation

Gary Ogletree
Office of Incident Management
Tennessee Department of Transportation

David Fink
Transportation Management Systems, Houston District
Texas Department of Transportation

Paul Jodoin
Traffic Incident Management Program Manager
Federal Highway Administration

Friend of the Team:
Gary Millsaps
Incident Management Specialist

TRSP Library