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Surface Resistivity Test
This lead state team has completed all planned activities and is no longer active. The information below, as created by the active lead state team, remains available for review by users seeking additional information.

Surface Resistivity Test

What is a Surface Resistivity Test

surface resistivity test being performed on a cylindrical test specimen

The Surface Resistivity (SR) Test is a non-destructive, electrically-based method for estimating hardened concrete permeability. This test method is currently recommended for approving concrete mixture designs when the concrete is to be placed in environments prone to promote corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement. It is a proven and mature test method which can replace the more laborious determination methods which have been the standards for many years.


Use of the Surface Resistivity Test in lieu of older testing methods saves technician labor and may also reduce the time required to approve concrete mixture designs. The SR Test requires approximately 10 minutes of technician time to perform, and it can be performed on cylindrical test specimens prior to their use for compression testing. Other methods of testing require dedicated test specimens and at least 24 hours of technician labor.

Contacts – Lead States Team

Mario A. Paredes
Corrosion Research Engineer
Florida Department of Transportation

Tommy E. Nantung
Section Manager
Indiana Department of Transportation
765-463-1521 Ext. 248

Celik Ozyildirim
Principal Research Scientist
Virginia Transportation Research Council

Rob Reis
Senior Materials and Research Engineer
California Department of Transportation

Daniel R. Dennis, Jr.
NYSDOT Materials Bureau
New York Department of Transportation


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