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Road Safety Audits

Road Safety Audits

This lead state team has completed all planned activities and is no longer active. See the closeout overview for a summary of lead state team accomplishments. The information below, as created by the active lead state team, remains available for review by users seeking additional information.
RSA: Road Safety Audits -- 'Saving Lives. Saving Money.'

TIG - Road Safety Audit Brochure

TIG - RSA Closeout Overview


4/2006 - Tom Welch, co-chair of the RSA Lead State effort, recently gave a presentation at the Arizona Roads and Streets Conference.
CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy of the presentation.

Training and Seminars

Click here to be redirected to a list of organizations providing Road Safety Audit seminars and training.

AASHTO/FHWA RSA Peer Exchange Website (Charleston, SC)

AASHTO/FHWA RSA Regional Peer Exchang Website (Little Rock, AR)


Visit FHWA's sites on RSAs:


January 11, 2005. Meeting at TRB annual meeting. Minutes.

Dec 7th 2004. Conference call. Minutes.