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Cable Median Barrier

Cable Median Barrier

This lead state team has completed all planned activities and is no longer active. See the closeout report or closeout overview for a summary of lead state team accomplishments. The information below, as created by the active lead state team, remains available for review by users seeking additional information.
cable median barriers in use along a highway

As traffic volumes and congestion rise, the demand for effective median safety features grows higher.

Cable median barriers (CMB) are life saving, adaptable traffic devices ideally suited for use in existing medians to prevent cross-over crashes, and are one of the most effective safety measures state transportation departments can deploy to protect motorists on today's congested highways. Across the country, agencies that have installed these barriers report a significant decrease in fatalities and in the severity of cross median crashes.

Cable median barriers work as a retrofit on existing, wide, relatively flat median areas and are also effective on sloped terrain. They generally cost less to install than other barrier systems and repair and maintenance costs are easily offset by their life saving and injury-reducing benefits.

Where to begin? Background and Problem Indentification is an insight on how our Lead States Team began their CMB programs. Build your case using their experience as well as information from the Federal Highway Administration and other states that use cable median barriers.

Quick Links (located on the right hand side of the page) will take you to our Lead States Team, allow you to review general cable presentations, in-service and product evaluations as well as standard specifications and drawings.

TIG's "best practice" guidelines include roadway design and maintenance issues as well as CMB evaluations, benefits and system threats. Click on a Key Topics links (below) to guide you through issues and answers as you plan your CMB program.

You can contact a CMB Focus Technology Experts for expertise and advice from DOT representatives who can help you evaluate the use of cable median barrier in your State.

Policies, Specs & Drawings offers State standards, plans and guardrail drawings.

Look to the CMB Library for crash and repair photos, videos, print articles and other materials concerning CMB. Just select a link below and browse.

If your agency is interested in add material to this website, visit Add Your Agency's Information. This allows the site to grow with the technology, and it offers transportation agencies a greater range of information available on Cable Median Barrier.

What is Cable Median Barrier – or "CMB"?

Key Topics

CMB Focus Technology Experts

Policies, Specs & Drawings

Case Studies (Coming Soon)

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