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Analytics Dashboard for Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs)
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Analytics Dashboard for Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs)

What is ATSPMs?​

An open-source platform that streamlines the process to extract actionable and reportable insights from ATSPMs resulting in significant resource saving​.


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Innovation Description

ATSPMs are a suite of performance measures, data collection and data analysis tools to support objectives and performance-based approaches to traffic signal operations, maintenance, management, and design to improve the safety, mobility, and efficiency of signalized intersections for all users. ATSPMs were an AASHTO Innovation Initiative Focus Technology in 2013.

Over the past decade, a number of agencies have implemented ATSPMs, gaining access to advanced corridor and intersection metrics for arterial system performance. Traffic signal controller event data can be harnessed—and optionally combined with other datasets like vehicle probe data—to produce corridor-wide performance measures that track actionable trends on a periodic and near real-time basis. Synthesizing, analyzing, visualizing, and communicating these data and trends can be a resource-intensive activity if all or some of the steps in the process are manual.

The analytics dashboard for ATSPMs automates periodic and near real-time reporting for ATSPM-enabled traffic signals, providing greater situational awareness and analytical opportunity for traffic signal system maintenance and operations. An open-source, web-based dashboard allows an agency to track trends on an intersection, corridor, and programmatic basis, as well as visualize maintenance-related problems. The innovation enables agencies to better focus limited resources on problems and issues in the field. For example, automatically reported data can be used to identify traffic signal timing issues which can be efficiently addressed remotely. Additionally, proactive response to operational and maintenance issues can be significantly enhanced throughout automatic reporting of equipment status. These abilities enable an agency to maintain a high level of system performance and customer satisfaction.


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Andrew Heath
Deputy Chief Engineer
Georgia Department of Transportation
Phone: 404.635.2828

Alan Davis
State Traffic Engineer
Georgia Department of Transportation
Phone: 404.635.2832