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ADA Asset Data Collection System

ADA Asset Data Collection System

What is an ADA Asset Data
Co​llection System?

An innovative solution to address challenges related to the management of roadway assets critical to ensure accessibility.


Caltrans is implementing an innovative solution to address challenges related to the management of roadway assets, such as sidewalks and curb ramps. Maintaining these assets is critical to ensure accessibility and accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities in accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Caltrans has developed a suite of ​solutions, including an ADA mobile data collector, review dashboard, and inventory Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Webmap, to assist with the inspection, inventory accuracy, and mapping of ADA assets. These solutions aim to transition from paper-centric to digital-centric workflows, digitize the ADA review and certification process in real-time, consolidate ADA data into a single relational database for all Caltrans divisions, and make ADA data spatially available, accessible, and transparent.

The current paper-centric system of ADA asset inspection and monitoring across the state has resulted in data gaps in project development. To streamline the data collection process, Caltrans aims to digitize the inspection form, eliminating the need for manual transfer of information from paper sheets to computers. This will save time, resources, and reduce human error, ensuring accurate data and enabling engineers to provide appropriate work recommendations.

Electronic information is essential for developing and reporting performance metrics of ADA assets. Performance metrics, such as the number of deficient or non-compliant ADA elements, are critical for data-driven decision making, including funding allocations, in accordance with the State Highway System Management Plan (SHSMP) and the Transition Plan. Furthermore, failure to maintain ADA assets or meet accessibility requirements can potentially lead to lawsuits against state and local transportation agencies.

Caltrans developed a work plan in 2020 to manage ADA information throughout the project lifecycle and control overhead costs. This solution received recognition at the 2021 Western Association State Highway Transportation Officials (WASHTO) for Innovation-Quality Awards and was presented at the 2020 California State Innovation Expo.

Contact Information

Yinleng Vang, P.E.
Transportation Engineer
District 6 -​ GIS and Project Support
Phone: (559) 383-5319