​Pla​ns on Demand

What are Plans on Demand?

Plans on Demand offers two user-friendly options that provide convenient access to existing right of way plans, maps, and other documentation.

Plans on Demand Demo

Arizona Department of Transportation and Vermont Agency of Transportation demonstrate how they developed and use their Plans on Demand systems.

Arizona Department of Transportation


Vermont Agency of Transportation



Lead States: Arizona, Florida, New Mexico and Vermont (red)

Phase I: New participants targeted for pilots and outreach (orange)


Existing ROW Plans Index

Arizona Department of Transportation's website contains indexes for existing Right of Way plans and surveys for interstate highways, state routes and U.S. highways.

Arizona website thumbnail

ROW Spatial Viewer

Vermont Agency of Transportation's website is a public facing interactive map of highway right-of-way (ROW) plans which allows users to easily access available plans by geographic location.

Vermont website thumbnail

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